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Collection of papers, lectures and readings on distributed systems

Ever since I graduated, I have been very very interested in building distributed fault tolerant systems and I read a lot about them. In my part time, I also work on some hobby projects to get better understanding of modern distributed systems. Over the time, I have made a good collection of useful resources such as papers, lectures and other readings. Here’s my collection on distributed systems shared with public via Google drive. Hope it helps someone interested in or working on distributed systems.

Vagrant file for github pages

Vagrant makes life easier and keeps your machine clean. I have made a vagrant file for github pages and am sharing it here so you don’t have to scratch head and says some nasty things to ruby and gems as I did.

Wrong words at wrong time

This happened almost an year ago. I was in Dubai, dressing up to go to work in morning. My home mate was in good mood this morning so he offered me and another mate a ride to office which we gladly accepted. So we sit in car and set off, my friend though to take a “short cut” and went in a service lane and got out of it at wrong side on a road which was not one way. In his defense, if you have been to Dubai, it’s a city with big one way roads and two ways road are very rare. As we get out of service lane a big dumper is coming our way from other side right one our faces. All of us were damn sure we can’t do anything about it, only the dumper driver can apply brakes and save us. So almost certain of our deaths, two friends start remembering God. Muslims usually say Allah u Akbar, or recite some other verse in such situations and it’s considered good and useful in after life for them to remember God in last moments of life. Apparently I am not good at playing Muslim and as soon as I saw dumper a lot of F-Bombs dropped out of mouth. It went like this:

Golang, programming language made in heavens

In past few months, I have been learning a lot of stuff. First I started learning Scala from coursera, but due to its functional style and strong Java like feeling it didn’t interest me much and bored me so I left out for something more interesting to explore. Next in my list of to be explored things was Google’s golang.

Configuring Apache MaxClients setting for load

Update 10 Oct 2015