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Golang, programming language made in heavens

In past few months, I have been learning a lot of stuff. First I started learning Scala from coursera, but due to its functional style and strong Java like feeling it didn’t interest me much and bored me so I left out for something more interesting to explore. Next in my list of to be explored things was Google’s golang.

Configuring Apache MaxClients setting for load

Update 10 Oct 2015

Ajax vs Sockets

A friend asked me following questions so I replied with my understanding about sockets and ajax. It might be useful for others too:

Supported language highlighters in Pygments for Jekyll and GitHub Pages

You can CTRL+F and search for your required highlighter:

My favorite programming books

Computer science is a huge and constantly changing field of study. To keep myself updated I study a lot of random books. Here’s a short list of books I can recall right now. Will keep on adding more as I read more in future.