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Update on Rants on Freedom in Pakistani Culture

I wrote a rant 2 years ago in middle of night while I couldn’t sleep because I was angry at our society to prevent me from marrying the Girl I fell in love with. You can check it out at http://haisum.github.io/2015/10/22/freedom-in-asian-cultures/.

Be careful with ioutil.ReadAll in Golang

ioutil.ReadAll is a useful io utility function for reading all data from a io.Reader until EOF. It’s often used to read data such as HTTP response body, files and other data sources which implement io.Reader interface. Be careful though because a lot can go wrong if you don’t take care while using this small seemingly harmless function.

Let's talk about passwords

I was frustrated at setting up password for my bank’s internet banking portal. It’s frustrating to come up with passwords that follow annoying rules of having particular set of combinations to get a strong password. It’s even more difficult to remember such passwords. It doesn’t even solve problem of making passwords strong. P@ssword1 is considered strong by such rules but it takes seconds to get cracked with good password dictionary. Such composition based rules for password strength have been discouraged in latest IANS password guidelines.

Rants on Freedom in Pakistani Culture

I fell in love last year. She was beautiful, intelligent, understanding and everything I had ever hoped for in a perfect girl for myself. Year and half later it was best relationship one could hope for, despite that we are no longer together because our society didn’t approve of our relationship. I have a million questions against religion but I am afraid to express or discuss them with anyone, or even officially declare that I no longer beleive in religion because I may actually be killed for speaking against faith. I have worked hard to become what I am today. Coming from a small town school where we were taught writing A B and C till grade 6 and becoming a regular reader/writer wasn’t an easy task. My inspiration for hardwork was to be able to do all cool things other people in world can do like travelling the world, buying awesome cars, dream homes and most of all to have freedom of doing whatever I wanted to do with my life. Now that I can do that, my parents and siblings look toward me to support them, which I will but does that leave room for my own dreams? I don’t blame them, that’s how it has always been in our society. One person out of four does all the hardwork and then feeds three not so hardworking people. Half of our workforce (women) never work, putting all burden of work on men. Since women don’t work, they don’t know how hard it is to earn money and make it even more difficult for men to earn enough to satisfy them. I don’t blame women, in most of cases they can’t work even if they wished to, thanks to our culture. Kudos to women who fight against this culture and get out to work. You’re a hope for this society’s future. There are a million other things I could rant about right now, it’s 3 AM here and I just feel angry and may regret this post later, but screw it I will rant about all what bugs me right now so I can take a peaceful nap.

RPC, JSON-RPC examples in Golang

I discussed about RPC for message passing in last post. Here we take a practical look at it using golang, my favorite language nowadays.