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Update on Rants on Freedom in Pakistani Culture

I wrote a rant 2 years ago in middle of night while I couldn’t sleep because I was angry at our society to prevent me from marrying the Girl I fell in love with. You can check it out at http://haisum.github.io/2015/10/22/freedom-in-asian-cultures/.

I never published that post and kept it as draft, after all everybody wants to show off how happy and content they’re with life on social media, but nobody wants you to know what’s eating them deep down. I was same. But now I am happy so I can publish that post, and proudly announce that I am married to the Girl whose memories couldn’t let me sleep that night. It took a lot of fighting, arguing and patience but we are finally together.

She was most beautiful thing that happened to me years ago, she still is and I am pretty sure she always will be.