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Why I left my old blog site for github pages

I used to blog at haisum.info on a wordpress based blog hosted on shared hosting. Once, by mistake I deleted index.php file and didn’t have any backup. Sometimes due to other sites on shared hosting, site would go down, databases got corrupted and all kinds of bizarre things would happen. All this lead to so much disappointment that I just stopped blogging. Recently I discovered Jekyll and github pages, they were so simple and had the backup and serving power of github that I decided to resume blogging. It has been a great experience so far. I hope I would continue to write now without much disappointments and things such as security, downtimes or backups to worry about.

There are some really interesting pages on my old blog, I made them when I was in university. You are welcome to see them, but they don’t represent me now. It’s been a lot of time since I made them and a lot has happened in between.

Here are some interesting and working links:

Unfortunately my old blog posts got deleted due to some host issues, and I didn’t have their backups.