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Yii Html class for use in non Yii projects

Forms are essential for any web development project. Tasks we do in building and populating forms, such as checking value in $_POST, $_GET and populating that, populating drop downs with data from database and pre selecting data, are redundant. While using Yii framework I loved their CHtml class. It had all the effort done for you, you only had to use it properly and it would do most of redundant tasks for you.

Recently I was working on a flat code project and had to perform all these tasks with flat code, so instead of continuing to write redundant code I refactored Yii’s CHtml class to be used in general non Yii projects. So following modifications were done to make it compatible with Non Yii projects:

  • No support for Active Controls
  • Error methods don’t accept model(s) as argument instead they accept key as attribute
  • If an input control’s name is set in $_REQUEST it is picked as value and supplied value is ignored
  • No support for clientChange option in htmlOptions
  • No javascript validation support
  • Name was changed to Html

I encourage you to use it, it will reduce your development time and will produce good consistent code.


Note: PHP >= 5.4 required

Here’s simple usage example:

require_once "Html.class.php";
Html::$errors = [];
if(count($_POST) > 1){
	if(trim($_POST['email']) == ""){
		Html::$errors['email'] = "Email can't be blank";
	if(!filter_var($_POST['email'], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)){
		Html::$errors['email'] = "Invalid Email";

echo Html::beginForm();
//renders label with text and for="email" tag
echo Html::label("Email Address:", "email");
//renders <input type="text" value="" name="email" id="email"/> with value automatically set after post
//also gives class="error" if Html::$errors['email'] is not empty
echo Html::textField("email");
//shows error if Html::$errors['email'] is not empty
echo Html::error("email");
echo Html::submit("Submit");

Read source code comments for understanding further details.

Source Code